Does the robot_state_publisher support sensor_msgs/MultiDOFJointState messages?

asked 2017-06-13 01:39:53 -0600


I found the message definition sensor_msgs/MultiDOFJointState and was expecting robot_state_publisher to also support it:

What I had in mind was that the node would populate TF with the current transforms taking the respective frame_ids from the URDF. When searching the repository, however, I could not find any usage of this message definition:

Do I see this correctly that robot_state_publisher does not support this message definition?

If not,

  1. is there an established good practice of using multi-DOF joints with robot_state_publisher?
  2. is there a good reason that speaks against adding support for sensor_msgs/MultiDOFJointState to robot_state_publisher?

Best, Georg.

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