parrot ar drone 2.0 ros control motors individually

asked 2017-05-11 09:02:40 -0500

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Hi everyone,

I have been looking in purchasing a parrot ar.drone 2.0 for developing control systems. I was wondering if it is possible to control the speed of each motor individually. I know that it is possible to use ros to send commands such as pitch and roll angle required but i wanted to see if there are any people that previously used to control motor speeds instead, that is, a "low level control". Is there any ROS developed previously for that purpose?

Thanks for your help.

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It is the best one to start with. You can control each motors individually. I have mentioned my git hub link. and I have not tried to control motor but you can extend my code to control individual motors.

pavankumarbn gravatar image pavankumarbn  ( 2017-12-11 03:39:30 -0500 )edit