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Where does RTABMAP_Cloud save the Downloaded map and graph from RVIZ?

asked 2017-04-24 19:32:25 -0600

exclaiber gravatar image


I used rtabmap on my turtlebot with RVIZ. From the left panel when I Download Map or Graph it does the downloads, but I cannot figure out to which path has the map and graph been downloaded to. I have checked rtabmap.db and it shows that it was updated 3 days ago even though I did the "Download" today. Can someone point out where the map and graph from the RTABMAP is saved to when done through RVIZ?

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Where in rViz are you selecting "Download Map or Graph"? Which launch files are you using? The rtabmap.db file will be from the date when you last put data into the mapping system.

Geoff gravatar image Geoff  ( 2017-04-24 21:08:47 -0600 )edit

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answered 2017-04-27 11:14:20 -0600

matlabbe gravatar image

Hi, as Goeff pointed out, the data are stored in ~/.ros/rtabmap.db by default. When clicking on Download Map or Graph under rtabmap_ros/MapCloud rviz plugin, the map is download in RVIZ to be visualized. Data is not saved somewhere. If you want to save the 3D point cloud to a file (PCD, PLY), the easiest and most flexible way is to open the database with rtabmap standalone application, then do File->Export 3D clouds...

$ rtabmap ~/.ros/rtabmap.db

See Export cloud section on this page for more info.


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answered 2017-04-24 21:08:52 -0600

Geoff gravatar image

RTAB-Map stores its map information in a database (by default, $HOME/.ros/rtabmap.db). I tried out the demos, and as far as I can tell it doesn't produce a 2D map that you "download". When the system is running, it makes a 2D map that it has built from its own data and publishes it on a topic. You could grab the map when it's published and save it to file, I suppose.

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