turtlebot and coffeebot webserver open problems : No JSON object could be decoded ?

asked 2017-04-11 20:31:08 -0500

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updated 2017-04-12 01:29:17 -0500

Hi! I currently learn turtlebot's application on following websites:

1."Configure CoffeeBot’s Web Server": http://learn.turtlebot.com/2015/02/01...

2.Markwsilliman's github: https://github.com/markwsilliman?tab=...

My goal is to order a coffee (robot driving to specific location) through a chrome extension.

Now I have succeed to create an "ec2" for server, and also sudo git clone https://github.com/markwsilliman/turtlebot-server/

but when I perform the script "coffee_bot.py"(this script is in Markwsilliman's github),

it viewed the ValueError "No JSON object could be decoded" image description

I have searched the problem for some times and the result is almost showed that it is because "UTF-8 files with BOM",

does it mean the script "coffee_queue.php" need to remove its BOM before perform it?

I have no idea to solve it,

could somebody help me?

very thank you for your answering!! !!

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