Turtlebot gazebo simulator: global planner and base_move tutorial

asked 2017-02-08 02:22:55 -0500

richardejiang gravatar image

Hi I'm completely new to ROS, and currently I'm trying out on turtlebot gazebo simulator. I have a world and have tried out with some basic operations like move forward and yaw; now I'd like to test out path finding algorithms like Dijkstra or Astar (let's assume that we don't know about the layout of the map/world, let's say we put the turtlebot at the beginning point and also set the destination coordinate in the C++ program). I searched for related topics and saw many answers suggesting this move_base and global planner thing, but I failed to find a tutorial on how to exactly use these methods in my C++ programs; almost everything is suggesting some 'global planner plugin' and I'm not sure whether it's really sth I'm looking for. May I know where I can find such tutorials to get me started on global planner?

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