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I am having trouble getting my function call to group.computeCartesianPath() to follow my previously set constraints with group.setPathConstraints(). Since my path constraint is an orientation constraint (2/3 Euler angles constrained, other is free to rotate 2*pi), what should I enter for the waypoints Pose orientation?

I am trying to move my arm 0.05 m in a line. I checked using group.setPositionTarget() with my orientation constraint, to see if the starting position, goal position, and multiple positions in between were valid; they were.

When I try setting a waypoint to the goal position (0.05m further in a line), group.computeCartesianPath() fails when I set waypoints.orientation.w = 1; follows 0.00% of trajectory.

However, when I set the waypoints.orientation to the starting position's waypoint, it works by following the orientation throughout the trajectory; follows 100.00% of trajectory. This would be okay, but my 6 DOF arm is limited in reaching positions by its orientation. Following the line 0.05 m is as far as it can go with the same orientation, but with a changing orientiation, it should be able to follow a line for 0.2 m.

From what I am observing, group.computeCartesianPath() is ignoring the orientation constraint.

Edit: Created new workspace following this tutorial for installing MoveIt! from source to get access to group.computeCartesianPath() with PathConstraints. Still fails to create a trajectory when waypoints.orientation.w = 1.

Any help would be appreciated,


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