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Whether PIR sensor hc-sr501 supported by ros

asked 2016-12-24 08:39:41 -0500

anadgopi1994 gravatar image

Can any one send the Arduino Ros code for detecting humans using Pir sensor.

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-12-25 08:29:32 -0500

Humpelstilzchen gravatar image

First, passive infrared sensor are not specifically detecting humans, but generally a moving heat source. Second, this is probably the wrong place for this question as reading ADC inputs on an Arduino (AVR) is a hardware specific question. Generally you want to:

  1. Find on how to read the sensor from your microcontroller (read the datasheets!) Also there are probably tons of examples on the internet.

  2. When you get to the point where your arduino/pir works and you want to integrate it with ROS check rosserial

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