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remote roslaunch searching local PC for launch file

asked 2016-12-22 00:46:11 -0500

vinmean gravatar image

updated 2016-12-22 01:05:19 -0500

I have to run a remote launch file running on an embedded board. My PC runs indigo and the board runs kinetic. The launch file in my PC is

<machine name = "tegra-ubuntu" address="tx1" user="ubuntu" password="ubuntu" env-loader="/home/ubuntu/workspace/Jetson/ROS_Workspace/branches/tx1/iruVizhi_v1/" default="true"/>
<include file="$(find xsens_driver)/launch/xsens_driver.launch" machine="tegra-ubuntu"/>
<node machine="tegra-ubuntu" type="" pkg="xsens_driver" name="xsens_driver" output="screen"/>
<node machine="tegra-ubuntu" type="odom_listener_node" pkg="ego_motion" name="ego_motion_node" output="screen"/>

However, when I do a roslaunch, the launch fails by saying ResourceNotFound. Even though I mentioned the machine to find the launch file, the search seems to happen in the local system. If I give the complete path of the launch file like this

<include file="/home/ubuntu/workspace/Jetson/ROS_Workspace/branches/tx1/iruVizhi_v1/src/xsens_driver/launch/xsens_driver.launch" machine="tegra-ubuntu"/>

I get the error

Invalid roslaunch XML syntax: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:

I am pretty sure that my file paths are correct. Remote nodes doesn't have any issue with execution.

What could possibly be a reason for this?

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answered 2017-01-08 21:55:48 -0500

vinmean gravatar image

The workaround I did finally was to run the launch file from a shell script in the embedded platform. I wrote the roslaunch command on a shell script and placed it in the package folder. Then called the shell script like a node from the remote PC launch file.

<node machine="tegra" pkg=ros_package_name name=run_launch output="screen"/>
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