Simulation and actuation of custom model in ROS Gazebo [closed]

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Can you be requested to let me know how I can build a software robot from scratch and simulate in ROS Gazebo (without any pre-existing package)? I am trying to extend Erle Robotics Tutorials' simulation to multi-drone simulation and that is causing a lot of issues including some strange issues with software-tools like roswtf.

So, in an attempt to reduce the problem statement to bare-minimum, I have decided to simulate three links and two joints which represent human-hand. I can create three 3D models (using Blender). One will be one 'thin' cylinder with a base plate attached and other two will be 'thin cylinders'. I can then link STL using URDF file as mentioned in this tutorial. But, what I am failing to understand is how I can actuate the joints using C++ code.

Optionally, it will be great if you can let me know how I can extend C++ code with custom wrappers for Python/how I can create command-line ROS service called through relatively minimal YAML file to actuate two joints (I can call system functions through some script/code).

I badly need a solution for this and any help will be greatly and whole-heartedly appreciated. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Humble note: I have read tutorials on XML and URDF Tutorials. I read URDF Controller Example and I did not understand data-type of "wheel1_state" variable and why I should use pr2 packages (I would like to see custom package) and other tutorials like robot_state_publisher do not describe the actuation of joints.

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This is a request for a solution not a question.

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@tfoote , Thanks for closing this article (I am sorry; I didn't find any other site to explain this). Yes, But, I would like to see some solution nevertheless. (Either by myself or by any other person; Many people would be helped I believe) Thanks for your active participation @tfoote .

PrasadNR gravatar image PrasadNR  ( 2017-01-22 12:35:39 -0500 )edit