how install moveit_simple_grasps in jade ? [closed]

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I installed ROS Jade . I try to run program about pick and place . But I have error in grasp_generator_server.

Launch MoveIt! demo:

$ roslaunch seven_dof_config demo.launch

Launch MoveIt! Grasp server:

$ roslaunch seven_dof_arm_gazebo grasp_generator_server.launch

Run the Grasp client:

$ rosrun seven_dof_arm_gazebo

I have this error in roslaunch seven_dof_arm_gazebo grasp_generator_server.launch:

ERROR: cannot launch node of type [moveit_simple_grasps/moveit_simple_grasps_server]: can't locate node [moveit_simple_grasps_server] in package [moveit_simple_grasps]

my grasp_generator_server.launch is:

  <arg name="robot" default="seven_dof_arm"/>
  <arg name="group"        default="arm"/>
  <arg name="end_effector" default="gripper"/>
  <node pkg="moveit_simple_grasps" type="moveit_simple_grasps_server" name="moveit_simple_grasps_server">
    <param name="group"        value="$(arg group)"/> 
    <param name="end_effector" value="$(arg end_effector)"/>
    <rosparam command="load" file="$(find seven_dof_arm_gazebo)/config/$(arg robot)_grasp_data.yaml"/> 
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Please use the Preformatted Text button next time when copy/pasting console output (errors), launch files, code snippets, etc. It makes things much easier to read.


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