Getting access to diagnostic information in rosjava/android_core

asked 2016-10-21 10:30:51 -0600

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I am writing an Android app and would like to display some diagnostic information when things go wrong. For example:

E/Registrar: Exception caught while communicating with master. java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve host "": No address associated with hostname


I/DefaultPublisher: Publisher registration failed:

Publisher'<'PublisherDefinition'<'PublisherIdentifier'<'NodeIdentifier'<'/ros_image_view, >, TopicIdentifier'<'/rosout>>, Topic'<'TopicIdentifier'<'/rosout>, TopicDescription'<'rosgraph_msgs/Log, acffd30cd6b6de30f120938c17c593fb>>>>

These exceptions are getting caught by rosjava and I never get to see them. What's the best way for me to obtain such information so that I can display it to the user? For connections I could create my own publisher and register a listener, but what about other kinds of exceptions?

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