Should I use nodeMainExecutor.execute a replacement for startActivity(intent) for ROS android [closed]

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I am trying to ROSify an android code using the new rosjava and rosandroid platform. In the original code Activity1.class handles the main setup and calls another Activity2.class using the startActivity(Activity2_Intent) . Nothing unusual there.

In my ROS android code, I am extending Activity1 as an RosActivity. But after that, I am wondering if its best to

a) implement Activity2 as ros * NodeMain* and call it using nodeMainExecutor.execute(Activity2_asNode, config)


b) should I extend Activity2 as a ROSActivty as well and call it using startActivity(Activity2_asRosActivity_intent...) .

If I choose option b, then I guess I can write a new class file as a node Main and call that from Activity2 using nodeMainExecutor(..) to handle ROS bits

Which of the two would be better coding style for ros android development.

Since android_core on ROS is fairly new, there isn't much documentation or examples on what exactly nodeMainExecutor's role should be in code development.

PS: Activity2_asNode, Activity2_asROSnode etc are just names to make description more clear and wont match the actual code.

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