Long/random time period before published messages arrive

asked 2016-10-16 09:27:55 -0500

follesoe gravatar image

If my rosbridge client reconnects and starts publishing messages to a topic, it takes random amount of time before the messages suddenly start appearing.

We test this by using rostopic echo /my_topic, and observe that the messages are arriving. Then we refresh the web client, and make a new connection and start publishing messages to the same topic. The amount of time it takes from the client starts publishing messages and the echo-command displaying them seams a bit random. From a couple of seconds up to 30-40 seconds (and sometimes even more).

If we look at the diagnostics, rosbridge is outputting messages saying that the connection is open - so the web socket connection is established, and the client is publishing messages.

Any tips on how to debug/configure/fix this?

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