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Hello, I have built a package with a node that is running well and processing callbacks correctly. However, the output is not what I expected it to be which is why I need to slowly crawl through all subfunctions and libraries with breakpoints until I find the error.

I want to use Qt Creator for that and am already able to open the project in catkin_ws/src/CMakeLists.txt after following this tutorial.

For this, I follow the steps described by @Stefan Kohlbrecher here.

1. Building my workspace by invoking catkin_make -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo

2. Open Qt Creator and catkin_ws project

3. Starting roscore and rosrun my_package my_package_node in console (not launch file!)

4. Trying to attach the debugger to the running node via "Debug"->"Start Debugging"->"Attach to running external Application..."

In 4., clicking "Start Debugging" leads to an "Unknown error" without any explanation. So I don't even get to the "Attach to running external Application..." step. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

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