how to test motor using cansend after initializing canopen_motor_node

asked 2016-10-07 07:23:42 -0500

Craig gravatar image

Hi. My intension is to control my robot using ros_control and ros_canopen. The motors are DS402 compliant.

After launching the canopen_motor_node and calling its initialize service(rosservice call /driver/init) , I can monitor the data frames on the CAN bus through candump can0 -cdex.

1.The problem is the canopen_motor_node keeps showing warnings like [ WARN] [1475834950.492997669]: RPDO timeout; RPDO timeout. Is this normal?

2.Moever, when I sent data frames to test the motor, discarded message would show up, but candump showed that the data were sent successfully to CAN bus.

Thank you in advance.


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