Issue while creating a Map using gmapping?

asked 2016-09-21 23:44:25 -0600

Aasiya Shaikh gravatar image


I am in confusion, what really the issue is in? Please any one can solved it, we urgently needed to solve it.

In my mobile base Robot , we are now at the stage of creating a map using gmapping, but while creating the map I am facing one issue, The issue is When I move my robot using teleop_twist_keyboard the cmd_vel is generated properly and the robot moves smoothly , but when I use RVIZ tool for visualizing it , in that tool for some second the visualization of robot i.e. its movement on the tool is correct but in between it suddenly changes its route or its position automatically even if my robot has no movement.

I have done the analysis of my scan data it is good and also the analysis for my odometry data. When I select the Fixed frame as "odom" it does show this issue.I am facing the issue only when I am trying to create a map i.e when I select my Fixed frame as "map".

Please can anyone suggest why this would be happening, where might be the problem.

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