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Running roscore and nodes in separate computers

asked 2016-09-16 11:24:23 -0600

skr_robo gravatar image

Due to limited storage space, I would like to run my roscore and certain important packages in one system (A Jetson TX1 running ros indigo on ubuntu 14.04) and my subscriber packages in another. Both these systems are on the same router. I believe that Jetson is to be set up as a master/server and the other system should be a client. But how can I set these up?

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Also know that you have to use RSA keys with SSH in ROS, because ROS uses a library for SSH support that doesn't support the newer algorithms. See for more details.

Mark Rose gravatar imageMark Rose ( 2016-09-16 17:29:35 -0600 )edit

And if you've already been SSH-ing between the hosts, you'll have to manually remove the keys from ~/.ssh/known_hosts (or remove the whole file) before using ssh again with the -oHostKeyAlgorithms='ssh-rsa' flag.

Mark Rose gravatar imageMark Rose ( 2016-09-16 17:30:51 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-09-16 23:11:23 -0600

Shay gravatar image

If TX1 is the master, you should run roscore on it, and also some nodes that have to run on TX1. You need to know the IP address of TX1, say, and the roscore port number, say 11311.

And the other machine, your PC, for example, should also install ROS. Don't run roscore on your PC, just export ROS_MASTER_URI= and then run the node directly.

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