What version of ROS should I use for Neato XV-11 software?

asked 2016-08-28 20:44:51 -0500

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Hello all, I'm new to ROS. I bought a Neato XV-11 laser scanner from Ebay and I hope to make a self-driving toy car using this sensor and others. Looking at the tab names of the following page it seems to suggest the Neato XV-11 driver/software works with ROS Hydro and Indigo: http://wiki.ros.org/xv_11_laser_driver

However these two versions require older versions of Ubuntu. I want to install the latest ROS (Kinetic) which says it works with the latest Ubuntu (16.04): http://wiki.ros.org/ROS/Installation

Will that work for the Neato XV-11 software?

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Most likely yes, but you'd have to build the xv_11_laser_driver package from source (as I'm guessing it won't be available via apt-get install on 16.04)

spmaniato gravatar image spmaniato  ( 2016-08-29 00:24:39 -0500 )edit

Thank you. How do I build a package from source? I havent used Linux/Ubuntu much. Something like this? http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/pack...

detmi31 gravatar image detmi31  ( 2016-08-29 18:24:04 -0500 )edit

No. Just clone the GitHub repository ( https://github.com/rohbotics/xv_11_la... ) into a catkin workspace and build it with catkin_make. See the ROS tutorials if you haven't used that command before.

spmaniato gravatar image spmaniato  ( 2016-08-30 00:17:20 -0500 )edit