Vision based ROS movement system

asked 2016-08-11 10:49:34 -0600

meirela gravatar image

As I've came to the conclusion that kobuki's iClebo TurtleBot's odometry is not accurate at all (as expected), I'd like to implement a vision and odometry based control system that will make sure that my robot goes where it should.

I first wanted to see what ROS has to offer. After installing all of TurtleBot's navigation packages, I've set it on AMCL for localization and it gave me nice results. Unfortunately, I've been trying to find this piece of code for a long time now and I cannot... I came across move_base.cpp, dwa_planner.cpp, carrot_planner.cpp and couldn't find it there.

(I am aware that there are different levels of control - global, local, obstacle avoidance, safety control etc, but I just can't figure out which one does the localization feedback that I am looking for.)

Can someone point out "the way" to find this piece of code, or something similar? Doesn't have to be C++ btw.

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