How to generate a Pointcloud2

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I have Sonar Sensors on my robot. These are publishing Data as Range (in Rviz).

I use the Sonar_sensor.urdf.xacro:

Here a little snippet of the rostopic echo:

  seq: 11550
  secs: 1155
  nsecs: 100000000
  frame_id: front_sonar_1_link
  radiation_type: 0
  field_of_view: 0.349065989256
  min_range: 0.119999997318
  max_range: 5.0
  range: 1.43013095856

I have 16 of these sonars. I want to have only one Pointcloud2 to be published. Have anyone an idea how to make it. I'm not realy familar with these.

Another litte question: My Sonar has a max_range of 5 Meters but the maximum range I get ist roound about 1.4 m. Even if there is nothing Around.

thnaks in advance!

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