Remapping and ApproximateTimeSynchronization

asked 2016-07-31 13:09:57 -0600

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I've run into a seemingly simple issue that I cannot solve. I have a working model that takes sensor outpput and synchronizes messages using the python version of ApproximateTimeSynchronization. The issue likely is remapping related, but I cannot seem to produce output topics from the synchronization node to verify syncro topics. My launch file is:


        <node pkg="bag2orb" type="" name="afl_tatbry_node"> 
        <remap from="tat_bry" to="tat_bry"/> 

         <node pkg="bag2orb" type="" name="aflsync_node"> 
                <remap from="tat_bry" to="tatbryout"/>  
                <remap from="gps/filtered" to="gpsout"/>   


And a partial node map:

image description

I've read the documentation on remapping and have been unsucessful remapping both topics to another relative topic. From the log files, the syncro seems to be working. What syntax am I missing for either ApprTimeSynchro or general remapping? My desire is to republish the synchronized topics under the remapped names.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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