Not able to read data from contact sensor - gazebo [closed]

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Hi, I have created a world in gazebo and I have added a contact sensor to it. This is the code I used

<robot xmlns:xacro=""> <xacro:macro name="gazebo_fsensor_link_v0"> <gazebo reference="fsensor_link"> <mu1>0.2</mu1> <mu2>0.2</mu2> <selfcollide>true</selfcollide> <material>Gazebo/Red</material> <sensor type="contact" name="fsensor_link_contact_sensor" &gt;="" <!--="" <geom="">sensor_link_geom</geom> --> <always_on>true</always_on> <update_rate>100</update_rate> <contact> <collision>fsensor_link_collision</collision> </contact> <plugin name="fsensor_link_plugin" filename=""> <bumpertopicname>fsensor_link_sensor_state</bumpertopicname> <framename>fsensor_link</framename> </plugin> </sensor> </gazebo> </xacro:macro> </robot>

This code is working in gazebo 2 + ROS indigo, but not in gazebo 7 + ROS indigo.

Thank you for your help, Giovanni

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