Follow 3D trajectory with katana manipulator

asked 2016-07-14 10:06:41 -0600

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I have some questions regarding the packages of the katana arm manipulator. My basic goal is to follow an online trajectory. I have already written a package that calculates the reference pose that the end-effector of the arm should follow. This is a dynamically changing trajectory since the robot should interact with the environment, so the next point of the trajectory is calculated on the fly. I have a katana_450_6m90a manipulator and I am working on ROS indigo. I have followed the instructions provided in the katana_driver ROS-wiki and successfully installed all the necessary software. As far as I can understand, I will include the package katana_moveit_ikfast_plugin in my code in order to compute the inverse kinematics for the katana arm and then use actionlib or Moveit in order to provide the appropriate commands to the robot in order to go to the next position.

Is my way of thinking correct? Am I missing something? Any advice that will make my work easier is welcome!

Thanks in advance!

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