Dynamically attach objects to gripper

asked 2016-06-23 06:46:03 -0600

ipa-hsd gravatar image

I think this question has been asked before and gazebo_grasp_plugin seems to be the solution to attach objects to gripper. But in my case, the gripper doesn't have any movable links since I am trying to simulate a magnetic gripper. Here's a side view of the gripper : http://i.imgur.com/7f6c57L.png

Are there any alternative solutions or can I modify the plugin in some way to get this simulation to work?

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Hi there, I am sorry to comment, but I am also looking for the solution of above problem, and if you somehow managed to do that , please let me know

Abdullah gravatar image Abdullah  ( 2016-08-22 05:19:18 -0600 )edit