Gentoo install, package conflicts and old names [closed]

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New to ROS, and trying to move to it (from player). I'm on gentoo.

I'm following the page on installing Jade and am hitting a first issue. media-libs/collada-dom does not exist. Instead there is a dev-libs/collada-dom, which I presume is the same. This is easy enough to fix by copying and editing the emerge command (not sure where this should be fixed properly).

However, I then hit a block of pkgconf by pkgconfig. Can I use pkgconfig instead?

Edit: Some more info on that.

I am now trying Kinetic, and the same happens. On the pkgconfig/pkgconf front, there is a virtual package for that (virtual/pkgconfig), and maybe this is what "rosdep install" should require.

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Hi. Could I ask you to please edit your OP when providing updates / more information? Answers are really only meant for answering questions. For interacting with others, you can use comments. I've already merged your previous post into your OP, but please keep it in mind next time.

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Sorry! Will do.

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