How to update display in rviz of URDF without restarting rviz, after I modifying my URDF?

asked 2016-05-21 20:21:54 -0500

Yajing_Wang gravatar image

I want to use rviz to check whether my parts of my robot are in the correct places, but it would be troublesome to restart the gazebo all the time. From the tutorial of URDF I knew that using rviz could be a good way to help, but I do not know how to update the modification directly. Could any one give me some instructions? I would be very grateful.

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Same Question? Did you find an answer yet?

Mohit Arvind Khakharia gravatar image Mohit Arvind Khakharia  ( 2018-11-28 22:45:54 -0500 )edit