control custom robot with kinect sensor

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Hi there friends,

I wanna build a robot as a part of my research proposal. it is basically a mobile robot that builds a 3d-map of its surroundings (multi-robots building one map for all) and has the ability to differentiate between "ground" (or walk-able area) or "non-ground" (non-walk-able area, obstacles, walls....) so it can navigate successfully.

Now, I want to control the robot itself via FreeRTOS, because it is a custom made robot. And I wanna build a custom touchscreen based controller that control those multi robots or change their goal, mode, view their cameras....etc. which will be a raspberry pi 3 with windows 10 iot software.

The 3d mapping, map building, kinect sensor stuff, combining maps from all agents into one, sharing camera video... I wanna leave it to ROS, because this is what it is made for right? now, how will I do that while having my custom hardware?

I am not a good programmer, I only program embedded microcontrollers via C language, and I'd like to have a good solution by ROS that doesn't include writing lots of code.

do you have any solution?

Looking forward to your generous help!


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