Remote Launch Launches With No Effect

asked 2016-05-05 09:04:27 -0600

colin.heffernan gravatar image

updated 2016-05-05 09:20:24 -0600

I am currently running ROS between an Ubuntu VM on my Mac and a Debian (Raspbian Jessie) Ditsro on board a Raspberry Pi. I can ssh into the Pi as a regular user from the Ubuntu VM and run nodes with no issues. When I run the nodes through a launch file on the Ubuntu VM with a remote machine tag for the Raspberry Pi under the same user, however, the nodes appear to run under a different user or as a service. The PIDs displayed by roslaunch for the remote nodes are valid and no errors are indicated, but I can only see the processes on the raspberry pi if I ssh into it and run

ps -el

More importantly, one of the topics published by these remote nodes seem to get picked up and the serial port used by one of them does not transmit data.

I imagine this is some sort of permissions or user error, but any help would be greatly appreciated! I am running ROS indigo on both machines.

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