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Quaternion problem !?

asked 2016-05-04 09:50:37 -0500

assil gravatar image


I have a problem with this function: geometry_msgs::Quaternion odom_quat= tf::createQuaternionMsgFromYaw(th);

when I give the input value "th" in degree it functions and the robot turns but with bad precision. And when I give the input in radians it doesn't function at all !!!

I don't know where's the problem !

Any suggestion please !


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You could edit this question to provide a bit more context, otherwise, I'm guessing people will not be able to help you.

jarvisschultz gravatar image jarvisschultz  ( 2016-05-04 11:30:30 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-05-04 11:29:54 -0500

This function definitely takes its input in radians. I just tested it with a few different yaw angles and the geometry_msgs::Quaternion created produced the expected values. I'm guessing the issue lies with your robot, its interfaces, or its controllers.

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