Actionclient Wait best practise

asked 2016-04-14 04:10:46 -0500

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I'm using the SimpleActionClient for my commanding for example navigation goals, which works great at the moment. The next step is to cancel the current goal if I get some topic or user input. My question for that is what is the best practise for this approach?

I also have to wait till the goal is finished

Solution 1 :

    actionClient.sendGoalAndWait(goal); // possible with wake up time and check some variable

the action blocks until the goal is finished. It is possible to call in a seperate thread :

actionClient.cancelAllGoals() // thread safe?

Solution 2 :

    actionClient.sendGoal(goal,FinishedCB); // possible with wake up time and check some variable
    conditionVariableNotification.wait(...) // conditionVariable can be notified by user topic or finished topic of Action

Solution 3: ???

What is your favourite approach to interrupt a goal?

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