Beginners: Quadrotor Path Planning Simulation and examples of making use of packages from source?

asked 2016-04-04 23:46:52 -0500

rosder gravatar image


I plan to test some implementations of quadrotor path planning which have already been done in matlab.

The first stage I want to do is to let a Hector_Quadrotor model move from Point A to Point B in a clear map.

As far as I know, I need

a simulator (Gazebo, good choice?)

a uav model (I chose Hector_Quadrotor, how to utilize it?),

something for *motion planning ad autonomous move (This is what I have no idea yet!).*

Any suggestions on these will be highly appreciated!

Examples of making use of packages built from source will also be extremely useful.

Thank you for any help in advance!

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