ROS with pi_face_tracker/uvc_cam on PI2. Mission impossible!?

asked 2016-03-25 12:51:05 -0500

SFR75 gravatar image

Hello Ros,

It's been soon a week that I try to install pi_face_tracker ( ) on PI2.

I installed ROS Indigo on Debian:Weezy, but was unable to compile uvc_cam because of missing bullet library. Apparently it doesn't exist on Debian at all...

So I decided to start all over with Ubuntu Mate and install Groovy. However it seems that packages ros-groovy* don't exist at all (Unable to locate).

It means I have to compile ROS from source ? Or I need to install Ubuntu 12, which seems quite old!

It's all extremely confusing and frustrating.

So my question is: has anyone on this forum has managed to

1) Install ROS on PI2 ?
2) Setup webcam (uvc_cam package) ?
3) Install PI_Vision (pi_face_tracker) ?

Is it possible at all or it just exists on paper ?

Thanks M

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