Configure nav2d for autonomous mapping with Turtlebot2 [closed]

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This question is for people who have used the nav2d package with a Turtlebot2 for autonomous exploration and mapping.

Right now I am trying to customize the nav2d_tutorials/tutorial3.launch file to use with my turtlebot 2. I started by basically copying the customized launch file from this post. This is a good starting point for me however I am pretty much experiencing the same problems that the user from that post was having. rosservice call /StartMapping 3 does nothing for me and the fix that he used isn't working for me.

I understand that my problem probably lies in having the correct msgs published to the right topics etc. since the nav2d package isn't pre-configured for the turtlebot 2, but I don't really know where to start. For anyone who has accomplished this, what parameters do I need to change or configuration files do I need to adjust? A step-by-step instruction would be amazing but I would be happy if you could tell me the nodes that I should be focusing on (operator, navigator nodes for example).

Also, can the tutorial3.launch act as a standalone for the autonomous mapping or do I need to run it in parallel with a gmapping, move_base, or turtlebot_bringup node?

Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!

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