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Hi everyone,

Is there a way to turn off map publishing from GMapping or is this required for the Explore stack to work? When everything is running, it appears that both GMapping and Explore are publishing their own maps and sending this over the network tow the Workstation, (/map and /explore/map respectively). Both of these maps appear to be identical in RViz.

My network is a little temperamental however and if I send too much data over at once, the Workstation SSH connections freezes up and the TurtleBot laptop requires restarting to restore SSH. I've already reduced the map size, resolution, etc. If I can turn off the /map topic publishing, it might help improve this issue. Aside from that, it doesn't really make much sense to have two maps being published when only one is required. I've checked all the parameter files and the associated available settings on the wiki but haven't seen anything applicable.

On a side note, I've only just managed to get the Explore stack working nicely with my Turtlebot after having everything configured incorrectly and trying to work out why by myself for a month or so. The second answer provided by Roy89 in the following link greatly helped for anyone struggling to get Explore working!


Thanks, ~astro.

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