Pioneer 3at remote connection problem

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Hi, I a beginner of programming Aria for robot Pioneer 3AT.

My robot Pioneer 3AT have a on-board PC with it with operating system ubuntu12.04. I also have a laptop with windows 10. I already connected both robot and laptop to my own router.

I want to run server and client on my win10 laptop. So I wrote two c++ files named: "mobileserver" and "mobileclient". When I use the bat file to run the server and client with MobileSim, it works well.

But, when I try to connect to the robot, it doesn't work. This is what I did: According to the instruction of the Aria-Reference, first, I opened the example "ipthru" in Aria in the Linux system on my robot on-board PC.Then I use the same method(this time without starting MobileSim) with windows bat file:

"cd C:\xxxxxxxxxx\mobilesimserver\x64\Debug start mobilesimserver.exe -rh -rrtp 8101 -serverPort 7400 -px 0 -py 2000 -r_number 1 ping -n 3>nul cd C:\xxxxxxxxxx\mobilesimclient\x64\Debug start mobilesimclient.exe -port 7400 -r_number 1". This time, it didn't work. The below is what I got.

On the linux terminal of the robot on-board PC, it displays: "Using robot and port 8101 and serial connection /dev/ttyS0, by default. Opened the master port at 8101 Client has connected No data received in 5000 milliseconds, closing connection. Socket to client closed"

On the windows command line in my laptop, it displays(in the cmd line of "mobileserver"): "Connected to remote host through tcp Syncing 0 No packet Syncing 0 No packet Syncing 0 Syncing 1 Syncing 0 Syncing 0 Attempting to correct syncCount Syncing 0 Syncing 1 Attempting to correct syncCount . . . Could not connect simulator, connecting to robot through serial port COM1. ArSerialConnection::open: Could not open serial port 'COM1' | ErrorFromOSNum: 2 could not connect, because open on the device connection failed. Failed connect to robot. Could not connect to robot... exiting"

So it's very weird that my server and client works well on my laptop with MobileSim but could not connect to the robot. VERY APPRICIATED FOR ANY SUGGESTIONS.

Best regards.

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