Correct setup for hector_object_tracker

asked 2016-02-10 11:28:33 -0500

nvoltex gravatar image

I'm trying to use hector_object_tracker, to track some targets from aerial images (captured from a down facing camera on an aerial vehicle).

I already have a node for detection of the targets as well as extracting their position to the world reference frame.

From what I understood of the wiki page, I should publish this information to the "worldmodel/pose_percept" topic, which uses messages of the type: "hector_worldmodel_msgs/PosePercept".

My problem is connected to the PerceptInfo msg: Since I only have one type of target the class information is easy to fill (using class_support=1). However I don't understand how I should handle the object information on that message. Furthermore, from inspection of hector_heat_detection node, that section seems to not be filled.

Thanks in advance

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