robot_upstart unrecognized service

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I have installed the robot_upstart package with the source install for wheezy, this is done on the BeagleBone Black.

I first did rosrun robot_upstart install gpio/launch/launch_file.launch. With the following output:

> Preparing to install files to the following paths: 
Now calling: /usr/bin/sudo /opt/ros/indigo/lib/robot_upstart/mutate_files
Filesystem operation succeeded.

Then I runned sudo service gpio wich gives gpio: unrecognized service. When running sudo gpio-start it works with output:

debian: gpio: Using workspace setup file /home/debian/Desktop/XXX/devel/setup.bash

debian: gpio: Launching ROS_HOSTNAME=beaglebone, ROS_IP=, ROS_MASTER_URI=, ROS_LOG_DIR=/tmp

ls: cannot access /etc/ros/indigo/gpio.d/*.xacro: No such file or directory

debian: gpio: Generated launchfile: /tmp/gpio.launch

And then the normal launch stuff like started and summary (link for whole output).

The launchfile should let a LED burn and this is happening when using sudo gpio-start. So, the gpio-start file is correct.

In /etc/init/ the file gpio.conf exists.

Is there something I missed or what I have done wrong?

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