Including external SDK's

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I have been working on a camera driver package for some time now, and the camera comes with a SDK which needs to be included during the build process. Now that I am working on trying to release the package as a deb, I don’t exactly know what the best way to go about automatically getting the user setup when installing the package. I have looked around at a few other packages to see how they maybe have included external SDK’s in their CMakeLists or how they set any environment variables as to where the SDK is located, and the only package I knew of that had a external SDK was pointgrey_camera_driver. Although the package does download the Flycap SDK, it will re-download everytime a workspace is rebuilt. I’d imagine this is due to the fact that no environment variable is set (or cant be set?). However, although setting a direct path to the SDK in the CMakeLists is a option, this will not allow a user to use the latest SDK version provided if a static download URL is used.

I was going to put this on the mailing list to get a broader range of opinions, but figured people would say this would be the more appropriate place to ask this anyway. If any package maintainers who do make use of an external SDK have any insight on how you go about keeping the SDK version up to date, and how you integrate it with your package for debian installation, i'd greatly appreciate it.

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