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Retrieve catkin build artificat path

asked 2016-01-21 10:45:22 -0500

LiohAu gravatar image


I'm building my first C++ ROS static library using Catkin, and I would like to link that library into an existing application which is being built with a Makefile. So I would like to know if there is a way to use a ROS or Catkin command to retrieve the path of the built library and so I will not have to hardcode the path of the library in the -L flag.

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answered 2016-01-22 03:28:55 -0500

Dimitri Schachmann gravatar image

I think catkin_find is what you are looking at. catkin_find --help will tell you how to use it.

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catkin_find --lib --first-only seems to be what I was looking for, even if I have to source my workspace setup.bash from my Makefile first :( One more question, my devel/ folder contains the "lib" directory, but no "include" directory, any idea of why my library .h are not being copied ?

LiohAu gravatar image LiohAu  ( 2016-01-22 04:01:38 -0500 )edit

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