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PyQt Signals for ROS callbacks in RQT Plugin

asked 2016-01-15 02:46:14 -0500

Andreas Hermann gravatar image

Hi everyone,

while writing a RQT plugin I had a hard time to figure out, how to connect a rospy callback to a PyQt SLOT in order to update the UI in a correct way.

The ROS WIKI only tells you, that one should not directly modify Widgets in a callback, due to Thread-Safety but lacks an example... So I propose to add a link to an example plugin in the Wiki which shows how to connect a ROS callback to a qt SLOT and update widgets (unfortunately I don't know one).

Can someone point out a good plugin code as an example?

Thanks, Andreas

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answered 2016-01-15 02:49:26 -0500

Andreas Hermann gravatar image

I answer my own question, showing my solution how to pipe message data via Qt SIGNALS and SLOTS, which hopefully helps others. So after initializing the plugin, I subscibe to a toppic with a custom message type, and in the message callback I just emit a SIGNAL carrying the whole message. In the according SLOT I then update the UI Widgets with the message data. I had to use the most basic PyQt_PyObject as data format to transfer my custom message type.

def __init__(self, context):

    self.sub = rospy.Subscriber('monitoring_result', MyMessageType, self.monitoringCallback,  queue_size=1)
    self.connect(self, SIGNAL("changeUI(PyQt_PyObject)"), self.monitoringSlot)

def monitoringCallback(self, data):
    self.emit(SIGNAL("changeUI(PyQt_PyObject)"), data)

def monitoringSlot(self, data):
    self._widget.lcdGoalID.display(data.current_trajectory + 1)
    self._widget.progressBar.setRange(0, data.coll_threshold)

    p = self._widget.palette()
    if data.severe_collision:
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Thanks! but I get error: AttributeError: 'QWidget' object has no attribute 'emit' Please help me!

quanghai gravatar image quanghai  ( 2019-06-04 07:07:37 -0500 )edit

Yeah, after search in Gooogle, and I have found the topic can have our for this problem is here and (for more information to understand) It.'s mean the first we find the signal, connect to function, and emit a signal to go to slot function. (yah, it mean that.)

Neo Nguyen gravatar image Neo Nguyen  ( 2021-05-29 05:05:15 -0500 )edit

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