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Dear user, I use Jaco arm(made by Kinova) controlled by KDL(Inverse kinematics) with limitation. If there is no limitation of each joint angle, it works well. However, when I fixed the numbers of limitation, KDL cannot find any path. Even though I put the number of limitation is min_value = -3pi and max_value = 3pi.(If I increase the limitation number, sometimes work and then when I put the limitation that robot works, the robot arm does not work!)

Also, although I show each desired joint values like 30 and -20 ...(in radian) in command, robot works well. In my understanding the joint angle cannot be worked in 20 radian.

Actually, without the limitation. the robot arm works well. However I cannot know how path of the robot arm reach the target point. I also use MOVEIT and it works, but I cannot find to put the limitation of joint angle in library. That's why I use low level like KDL. Anybody use KDL and the limitation of joint angle? Can you share your experiment? Let me know.

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