How do I replace an Uno with an Intel Galileo 2

asked 2016-01-12 14:27:38 -0500

RoboBill gravatar image

I have a simple arduino uno/sabertooth controlled robot that is attached to two Parallax drive motors/quadrature encoders. I'd like to replace the Arduino Uno with a Intel Galileo Gen2 board with WIFI. Got it for Xmas.

Being a real ROS beginner and with ROS/Indigo already installed on an Ubuntu desktop, I've successfully run the beginner rosserial tutorials using the Arduino Uno wired to my PC. Way cool! Now I want to cut the cord and run the same tutorials using the Galileo thru WIFI.

1) Do I start a rosserial node on the desktop that somehow talks to the Arduino sketch on the Galileo via WIFI?


2) Do I put some kind of rosserial along side whatever Linux stuff I have on the Galileo SD card that can link up via WIFI with the ROS master on the desktop?



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