Question about contributing a package to ROS

asked 2015-12-21 06:19:06 -0500

fabian77 gravatar image

I just finished a package for the serial dual motor driver board MD49, designed to use with two EMG49 motors.

The package can be used as a base_controller for a robot, driven with that board. It is for that publishing the encoder values and other information from the driver board and subscribing to /cmd_vel to steer drives.

So first i created a upstream-repo (the one i develop in) and a release repo of that package, as suggested. Than i "bloom-released" the package as described in this tutorial. The pull request was merged already.

First thing i stumbled about now, was the the following section in the README of the release repo, that was changed automatically by bloom:

Version of package(s) in repository md49_base_controller:

As you can see above the release repo is unknown, although in the pull request it shows up correct:

Increasing version of package(s) in repository md49_base_controller to 0.1.1-0:

I am afraid, that something went wrong or is there no reason to be worried?

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