hector_quadrotor_controller couldn't find controller_manager

asked 2015-11-18 16:30:20 -0500

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updated 2016-10-24 09:10:54 -0500

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Hello, I've been trying to use hector_quadrotor_controller but I'm not sure what I'm missing, my setup is the following:

I'm using hector_quadrotor_teleop to capture controls from a joypad and trying to send those /cmd_vel messages to quadrotor but when I launch hector_quadrotor_controller it asks me for controller_manager/load_controller. Not sure what I'm supposed to implement here, can someone give me some tips?

My goal is to get those /cmd_vel messages 'transformed' into a motor pwm signal.

I'm running an Ubuntu 14.04.02, so ROS-Indigo. Sorry if there are any information missing, this is my first question, just say the word I will fix it.

Edit1:I keep reading about how to use this package for simulation, mostly oriented at Gazebo, am I missing something? I would think that it generates voltage signals to the motor that can be used in a real quadrotor.

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