How to use humanoid_localization [closed]

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I am trying to run the humanoid localization project on link text

roslaunch humanoid_localization nao_localization_laser.launch

But the following error message is printed on the terminal:

core service [/rosout] found
process[humanoid_localization-1]: started with pid [4098]
[ INFO] [1447810613.317279900]: Requesting the map from /humanoid_localization/octomap_binary...
[ INFO] [1447810614.304959313]: Occupancy map initialized with 1346605 nodes (18.70 x 5.70 x 19.05 m), 0.050000 m res.
Writing 428117 nodes to output stream...[ INFO] [1447810614.546354121]: Using 4 threads in RaycastingModel
[ WARN] [1447810614.556811824]: Frame ID of "initialpose" () is different from the global frame map
[ INFO] [1447810614.561534213]: Pose reset around mean (2.000000 2.000000 0.310000)
[ WARN] [1447810614.564828378]: Failed to subtract base to odom transform, will not publish pose estimate: "odom" passed to lookupTransform argument target_frame does not exist.
[ INFO] [1447810614.565200857]: Initialization of 500 particles took 0.00848601s (=1.6972e-05s/particle)
[ INFO] [1447810614.574781159]: NaoLocalization initialized with 500 particles.

Could anyone help me ? Thank you very much !

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FYI, there is no error in this output. These are information and warning lines. It seems like you have problems with your frame ids. TF tree may be helpful.

Akif gravatar image Akif  ( 2015-11-18 01:12:18 -0500 )edit

Thank you! Yes, I miss some frame ids

fujisys gravatar image fujisys  ( 2015-11-23 03:51:11 -0500 )edit

Glad you figured it out. I'm closing the question.

Akif gravatar image Akif  ( 2015-11-23 05:34:01 -0500 )edit


I also encountered the same warning when I perform the humanoid_localization node, could you pls show me the correct tf tree when you successfully performed the humanoid_localization node?


Wen Weisong gravatar image Wen Weisong  ( 2017-06-02 04:22:13 -0500 )edit