How to set verbosity level for /gazebo node?

asked 2015-11-09 21:11:37 -0500

Daniel L gravatar image

I am trying to display ROS_DEBUG_STREAM_NAMED messages (in terminal and rqt_console) of a class I wrote which is indirectly used by the /gazebo node. This class is part of a ros_control controller I wrote. I am able to see INFO, WARN, and ERROR, but not DEBUG.

I have tried several things that did not work. I tried adding the line log4j.logger.ros.gazebo_ros=DEBUG in ROSCONSOLE_CONFIG_FILE. It shows some debug messages, but not the ones from my class. I also tried adding the line log4j.logger.ros.gazebo_ros.safety_control_connected_controllers=DEBUG to the same file (the appended string is the name of the package/header of my class, which I am also using as the first argument in ROS_DEBUG_STREAM_NAMED). One thing that I observed is that in rqt_console, /gazebo has no loggers.

So what do I need to do to see my debug messages?

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