no subscribed topics in image_pipeline stack

asked 2015-10-31 08:46:56 -0500

TheBoris gravatar image

Hello, I am trying to use the image_pipeline nodelets, but when I run any one of them, there are no subscribed topics at all!

This is a really simple example: I launch the nodelet and I can see the published topics, but not the subscribed one. I feel like I'm missing something really simple...

I'm using ROS Hydro, Ubuntu 12.04

Here is my launchfile:

  <node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="nodelet_manager"  args="manager"/>
  <node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="depth_processing" args="load depth_image_proc/convert_metric nodelet_manager"/>

and the rqt_graph:

image description

Thanks for your help!

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