Run only certain test cases

asked 2015-10-13 16:43:49 -0600

JakeBaldwin gravatar image

I have several classes of tests that I would like to run independently. I have standard unit tests which I am adding in the CMakeLists file as catkin_add_gtest(...) and node unit tests (some that depend on HW and some that do not) which are added in CMakeLists as add_rostest_gtest(...). I have around 7 packages or so and each of them contain both standard unit tests as well as node tests. I would like to be able to run all of the tests of a certain type from all of my packages. Like run all of the unit tests or run all of the node tests that depend on HW, etc. Currently running "catkin_make run_tests" will run all of the tests. and "catkin_make run_tests_package_name" will run the tests in a given package. Is there a way to run my tests independently by type no matter what package they reside in?

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