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gmapping with turtlebot2 simulation does not create map

asked 2015-07-24 07:13:31 -0500

ana+ gravatar image


I am running ros indigo 32 on the Nootrix virtual machine. I am trying to make a map and navigate it with a turtlebot2 simulated robot, according to this tutorial.

In a terminal, I run roslaunch turtlebot_gazebo turtlebot_world.launch

In another terminal, I run roslaunch turtlebot_gazebo gmapping_demo.launch. It runs, but after a while, I get this message: [ WARN] [1437734908.414750431, 97.100000000]: MessageFilter [target=odom ]: Dropped 100.00% of messages so far. Please turn the [ros.gmapping.message_notifier] rosconsole logger to DEBUG for more information.

In a third terminal, I run roslaunch turtlebot_rviz_launchers view_navigation.launch. Rviz opens, and in Global Options, the fixed frame is set to map. The map element of rviz appears in yellow, with a "No map received" message.

If I open another terminal with roslaunch kobuki_keyop keyop.launch, the robot moves both in Gazebo and rviz, but in rviz there is no trace of the readings of the sensors; if I try to store the map with rosrun map_server map_saver -f mymap, I get a "Waiting for the map".

I have checked the tf tree with rosrun tf view_frames, and the tree seems to be completely connected (I am a newbie so it seems I cannot attach an image yet); at least the tree has a map -> odom -> basefootprint -> base_link path on it.I have made this source source /opt/ros/indigo/setup.bash in every terminal and before every roslaunch.

I have been googling and looking for help, but i can't find where the problem is. I would really appreciate any help you may offer.

Thanks a lot in advance, Ana+

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I tried this too, and again the same result.

I checked the /map topic (rqt_graph, rosnode info slam_gmapping / rosnode info rviz), and it's connected. But rosrun tf tf_echo /map /odom always return 0 values, even if the robot moves with kobuki node

ana+ gravatar image ana+  ( 2015-07-24 13:27:21 -0500 )edit

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answered 2015-07-26 12:10:48 -0500

ana+ gravatar image

Finally I made it work with the solution to this different problem. I made a complete report of the problem, both in Spanish and English.

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I've got exactly the same situation as yours, and without your super detailed report I couldn't have solved the problem so quickly. Thank you so much! :)

Clack gravatar image Clack  ( 2016-03-05 01:43:01 -0500 )edit

Thank you for your kind comment :)

ana+ gravatar image ana+  ( 2016-03-15 06:07:19 -0500 )edit

@ana+ will your solution work for ROS kinetic?

distro gravatar image distro  ( 2021-12-21 00:02:35 -0500 )edit

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