Could not produce elevation map [closed]

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Hi all!

My task is to use hector_elevation_mapping package + point cloud data to produce an elevation map. Basically, the elevation map is represented by a 2D grid map storing a height value with a corresponding variance for each cell.

However, I am unable to do so even after I publish/subscribe the correct node (I assume). Nothing seems to be a problem while running the process, just that I can't get the result of elevation mapping.

This is my rqt_graph, hopefully everything is ok: before elevation works.png

What happened in RVIZ is that 2D mapped area can be shown (with hector_mapping) and depth image of the camera produced. I have already set PointCloud2 topic to the relevant one, /camera/depth/points_xyz.

RVIZ display: depth image rviz.png

Thanks for any help!

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